REGISTER TODAY Represent the Culture and Beauty of the Hispanic Woman


Pageants Universe along with Barón DaParré and Unity International Foundation USA launches Miss Hispanidad USA Pageant for October 2015. 

For decades this great event promoted the elegance, beauty, and culture of the Hispanic and Latin woman in the United States. Now it’s your opportunity to join us and be part or the Miss Hispanidad U.S.A. Family.

We have the support of many Queens and friends from the Original pageant which Baron worked with such as, Idalmis Vidal, Lissette Abraham, Erika Kam, and many others.


REGISTER TODAY for the 2015 National Pageant
Contact us at 305-262-5255 or E-Mail us at

Junior Miss Hispanidad USA: 12 to 14

Teen Miss Hispanidad USA: 15 to 17

Miss Hispanidad USA: 18 to 26

You can register at Baron's Studio located at:
7365 South West 8 Street Miami, 33144

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